Public information


Statute of the OMA

Here you will find more information about the Charter of the Odesa International Academy



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Staffing of the educational institution in accordance with the license conditions

Information on the educational and professional component of the institution's staff

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Languages of the educational process

The educational component for teachers and researchers is considered in accordance with the legislation and the charter. The training is conducted in Ukrainian, as well as in English and German



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Availability of vacant positions

Availability of vacant positions, procedure and conditions for holding a competition to fill them




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Areas of scientific activity

The Academy offers higher and professional education, research, and training

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Staffing table

Staff list of Odesa International Academy, including administrative and teaching staff

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Action plan

Action plan to prevent and combat bullying at Odesa International Academy for the 2022/2023 academic year.

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Stop bullying

Procedure for submitting and reviewing reports of bullying cases

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Conditions for training people with special needs

Conditions of accessibility of an educational institution for the education of persons with special educational needs



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General rules of conduct for students

Discipline and order in the Academy are maintained on the basis of respect for the human dignity of students, teachers and other employees of the Academy




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Report on the activities of the educational institution

Here you will find more information about the Report on the activities of the educational institution

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Material and technical support of the educational institution

Information on material and technical support of educational activities

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