General rules of conduct for students

  1. Discipline and order in the Academy are maintained on the basis of respect for the human dignity of students, teachers and other employees of the Academy.
    The use of methods of psychological and physical violence against others is not allowed.
    The rights and obligations of students of the Academy are determined by the Statute of the educational institution, other local acts stipulated by the Statute.
    Students must comply with the Charter of the educational institution, study diligently, treat property with care, respect the honor and dignity of other students and employees of the Academy, and observe the internal procedure:

    – adhere to the class schedule, do not be late and do not miss classes without valid reasons;

    – to maintain cleanliness in the Academy;

    – protect premises, equipment, property;

    – treat the results of other people’s work with care and provide assistance in cleaning the premises while on duty at the Academy;

    – maintain order and cleanliness in the premises of the Academy: dining rooms, changing rooms, toilets, etc.;

    – pay due attention to your health and the health of others;

    – participate in collective creative events of the Academy;

    – come to the Soviet institution well in advance of the start of classes, clean and tidy, remove outerwear from the wardrobe, occupy your workplace and prepare all the necessary accessories for the class according to the schedule.

    Weapons, explosives, flammable substances, alcoholic beverages, other intoxicants and poisons are not allowed to be brought to the territory of the Academy for any purpose and used in any way.
    In case of missing classes for up to three days, the student must present to the supervisor a certificate about the reasons for absence from classes. In case of missing classes for more than three days, the applicant must provide a certificate from a medical institution.
    A student of the Academy must show respect for the elders, take care of the younger ones. Education seekers give way to adults, older to younger, boys to girls.
    Outside the Academy, students behave everywhere and everywhere in such a way as not to disgrace their honor and dignity.
    Students take care of their property, treat both their own and other people’s property with care, observe cleanliness and order on the territory of the Academy. In the event that the student intentionally damages the property of the Academy, they shall compensate for the damage.
    Students should always treat other people’s property with respect. Books, clothes and other personal belongings on the territory of the Academy belong to their owners.
    Pupils who found lost or forgotten (in their opinion) things are invited to hand over what they found to the person on duty, who in turn posts an announcement about lost things.
    Disciplinary sanctions will be applied to students who have appropriated other people’s personal belongings. Physical confrontation, intimidation, and bullying are unacceptable behaviors. The educational institution categorically condemns such attempts to humiliate, subjugate or manipulate people.
    Chewing gum, eating or drinking, using mobile phones (playing, talking, ringing) and headphones are not allowed during classes.

    Behavior in classes.

    Do not be late for class. When the teacher enters the classroom, the students stand up to greet the teacher.
    Each teacher determines the rules of behavior of students in their classes; these rules should not degrade the student’s dignity and should not contradict the Statute of the Academy.
    During classes, you cannot make noise, distract yourself, and distract others from classes with extraneous conversations, games, and other activities not related to classes.
    If the applicant needs to leave the classroom during classes, he must ask the teacher’s permission.
    If the student wants to ask the teacher a question or answer his question, he raises his hand.
    During classes, the student has the right to ask the teacher questions if he did not understand the material during the explanation.
    The acquirer has the right to defend his point of view and his beliefs during the discussion of various controversial and ambiguous issues, observing the correct form.
    At classes, students have the right to use the equipment, treat it carefully and carefully. Return it to the teacher after the lesson.
    Students of education should not talk about extraneous topics in classes, because they thereby violate the rights of others to obtain the necessary knowledge.

    Behavior of students before the beginning, during breaks and after the end of classes.

    During the break, the applicant must:

    – clean and order your workplace;

    – at the teacher’s request to leave the classroom.

    The break time is the personal time of each winner. He can conduct it at his discretion, but not to disturb others.
    During the break, students can freely move around the Academy, except for those places where they are prohibited for security reasons (attic, basement, kitchen, laboratory).
    During breaks, students can turn to their supervisor, teacher on duty, or administrator for help if illegal actions are being taken against them.

    Behavior of students in the canteen

    When eating in the canteen, applicants must observe

    follow the rules of etiquette.
    Students must be respectful of cafeteria workers.
    Do not talk.
    Students must clean up the dishes after eating, put the chairs in place. Students take care of the canteen’s property.
    It is forbidden to come to the dining room in outer clothing.
    Students on duty in the dining room help the staff set the tables, clean the dishes, wipe the tables, and put the chairs in place.

    Rules for using the library

    Textbooks are wrapped in a special cover.
    Do not fold textbook pages, use a bookmark.
    Do not put a pen or pencil in the textbook: this will spoil the book.
    Do not write or draw in textbooks: this is public property.
    Do not take the textbook with dirty hands and do not read it while eating.
    Place the textbook only on a clean table or desk.
    A lost or damaged book must be replaced or reimbursed in accordance with current legislation.

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