Postgraduate education

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, Odesa International Academy organizes and provides advanced training in any form and type. The forms of advanced training are institutional (full-time (day, evening), part-time, distance, network), dual, on-the-job, in the workplace, at the production site, etc. In addition, forms of in-service training may be combined. The main types of in-service training are training under the in-service training program (including participation in seminars, workshops, trainings, webinars, master classes, etc.), as well as internships. In-service training is organized to improve the qualifications of teaching staff.

The main area of professional development at the OMA is the formation and development of professional, digital, communication and managerial competencies in the field of knowledge 21 “Veterinary Medicine”.

  • Small Animals Work Program RFP FWM

  • Certificates, certificates, diplomas

  • Upon completion of the seminars and trainings, participants receive Certificates of the Odesa International Academy.

Upon successful completion of qualification courses and programs that meet the qualification requirements for licensed areas, participants receive Certificate of the state standard about professional development.

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