A rehabilitation center for children and adults will soon be opened on the basis of the Medical Center “ROYAL MEDICAL” (“INTERENESHENAL MEDICAL”).

The medical center carries out medical practice based on the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 2200 dated December 5, 2022.

The center uses a large-scale material and technical base, which consists of both spacious premises and a considerable base of the latest medical equipment and facilities.

Recently, the Medical Center expanded the range of its medical services by obtaining a license for medical practice in the following specialties: laboratory work (hygiene), microbiology and virology, laboratory immunology, clinical laboratory diagnostics, clinical biochemistry, infectious diseases, epidemiology, endocrinology, dermatovenerology, laboratory genetics, hematology, virology, bacteriology, neurosurgery, urology, vascular surgery, rheumatology, psychiatry, plastic surgery, oncology.

Currently, the Medical Center “ROYAL MEDICAL” (“INTERENESHENAL MEDICAL”) has about 50 areas of medical assistance.

In particular, the Medical Center has the right to provide the following types of medical care: primary, emergency, specialized medical care, palliative care, rehabilitation care.

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