English courses

One of the main languages of international communication is English.

Ukraine, on its way to membership in the European Union, feels the need for intensive study of foreign languages, in particular English, by all public servants.

Knowing English makes it easier to communicate with representatives of other countries, which can be useful when learning best practices, exchanging experiences and solving common problems. Learning English helps you understand other cultures and deepens international cooperation.

Knowing English helps attract tourists and grow businesses, which can positively impact the local economy and create new opportunities.

Rector of the Odessa International Academy Alireza Pakhlevanzade, on the initiative of the Chairman of the Avangard Village Council Sergei Khrustovsky, began extracurricular education courses “English Philology” for civil servants.

The courses are designed to help you learn and improve your knowledge of a foreign language.
A teacher at the Odessa International Academy conducts classes in comfortable classrooms this year. Vanguard.

Live communication helps you learn and improve your knowledge of the English language. After completing the courses, each civil servant receives a certificate from the Odessa International Academy in accordance with his level of knowledge of the English language.

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