Availability of dormitories and free places in them, the amount of accommodation fees

Dormitory Agreement

To settle in the dormitory, a student must have:

  • Copy of passport and identification number;
  • 3 passport-sized photos;
  • First-year students and first-year masters must register at the actual place of residence, i.e., in the dormitory. If a student has an old-style Ukrainian passport (booklet form), they must come for settlement with a note in the passport indicating the removal from the home registration (it is also possible to simultaneously deregister and register at a new place of residence at the university’s passport department). Students with an ID card format passport must have a certificate of deregistration from the place of registration (Form F-13);
  • Male students – military registration certificate with a note on deregistration from the military registration at the previous place of residence;
  • Certificate of passing a fluorography examination and a certificate of the child’s sanitary and epidemiological environment. The certificate is provided by the family doctor, indicating the epidemiological condition (presence/absence of pediculosis, skin diseases, no contact with people with infectious diseases for 21 days, not on self-isolation, etc.);
  • Receipt for payment for accommodation in the dormitory for the entire academic year or the duration of qualification enhancement. Settling of students is strictly prohibited without the presence of a receipt for accommodation payment (original or copy).

In accordance with the Licensing Conditions for Educational Institutions, the Odessa International Academy provides dormitory accommodation for students, at a minimum of 100% of the need.
Out-of-town students, participants in preparatory courses, courses for qualification enhancement, etc., may be accommodated in the dormitory. Foreign citizens who are students are accommodated in dormitories on general grounds, unless otherwise provided by the contract.

The approximate fee for accommodation in the dormitory is 520 UAH/month and may vary depending on the contract terms!

Rights of students residing in the dormitory.

The rights of students are established by the Rules of Internal Regulations and the Regulation on Residence in the Dormitory.

Students residing in dormitories have the following rights:

  • Use the premises, equipment, and property of the dormitory;
  • Demand timely repair or replacement of equipment, furniture, and the elimination of deficiencies in providing living conditions. The student must repair their property at their own expense only if they damaged it themselves. The university administration is also obliged to provide cleaning and repair of common areas in the dormitory, and students are required to maintain cleanliness in these common areas;
  • Elect the self-government bodies of the dormitory and be elected to their composition;
  • Submit complaints about the work of dormitory staff and living conditions, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Citizen Appeals“;
  • Invite third parties to the dormitory if they can prove their identity with the relevant document. The responsibility for the timely departure of visitors from the dormitory and their compliance with the internal rules lies with the students who invited them. Typically, visitors are allowed to stay in the dormitory from 8:00 to 23:00;
  • Unhindered access to dormitories at any time. The time regime of access to dormitories is established by the Rules of Internal Regulations. Currently, students are usually given access to the dormitory at night (from 24:00 to 06:00) with a record in a special journal of reasons for being late. In reality, restrictions on access to dormitories at night are illegal. The Civil Code prohibits any forced eviction, and the grounds for forced eviction can only be established by laws. Therefore, the prohibition of entering the dormitory after 24:00 may be interpreted as temporary deprivation of housing, which violates Article 311 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. That is why the Letter of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1/9-550 of November 15, year, recommends establishing a 24-hour free access regime to dormitories for students;
  • Privacy of residence. Representatives of the administration can enter the room without the student’s knowledge only when there is a risk of property damage (for example, someone is flooding the room).

Student’s responsibility for violating the rules of internal regulations and discipline in the dormitory.
The student may face the following types of penalties:

  • Warning;
  • Reprimand;
  • Eviction from the dormitory;
  • Refusal to provide a bed for living for the next year;
  • Expulsion from the educational institution.
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