Join English courses

We are pleased to again talk about English language courses at the Odessa International Academy.

A modern approach to learning and a friendly team of our best teachers will help you master a foreign language at the level you need and receive a certificate from the Odessa International Academy of proficiency in the appropriate level of English.

There are a total of four English language courses at the Odessa International Academy: A1, A2, B1 and B2. The name of the course corresponds to the level of preparation of students in these courses.

Thus, studying English at level A1 focuses on basic words and phrases for everyday communication, then the student moves on to level A2, expanding his vocabulary and improving grammatical skills.

The course for level B1 already assumes knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary. Students focus on developing higher level listening, reading, writing and oral communication skills.

B2 is a level of English proficiency at a sufficient level to communicate freely with native speakers.

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